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Sand dunes, desert and ...... blue lagoons

Also wind, lots of wind

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São Luis

We arrived in São Luis on Monday, and had the feeling that the whole city was resting after the busy weekend. From museums to street food stalls everything was closed.

Typical rennovated house in the São Luis center

We walked a bit in the "rennovation" historical center and ended up having a couple of beers on a simple bar listening to reaggae (São Luis is the capital of reaggae in Brazil). Next day we did all the museums, but this is a city to be on the weekend...

Traffic light with azulejos

Historic center at night


After São Luis we headed up directly to Atins, a tinny fishermen village at the less visited side of the lencoes park.

There we could hike on gorgeous beaches and sand dunes, always impressed by the difference of water level during low and high tides.

As the subterreanean water is very close to the dunes surfice on that area, the most intriguing fenomena heppens: even if we were walking in a hard sun, on sand dunes, the dunes were cold! This also explain the creation of the lagoons in the middle on the dunes in the park

Sunset in Atins

Atins "wild live"

Children playing and helping in the Tia Maria pousada, the best shrimps ever....

The view from the boat to Atins

Barreirinhas and the Lençóis Maranhenses park
As this is the dry season, we had to go to Barreirinhas to see laggons on the dunes, since Atins area was already completely dry. We have no words to describe it, so we will use the pictures to help :)


Delta das Americas

Our next stop was in Parnaiba to visit the delta of the Parnaiba river, also known as delta gas Americas, since it is the biggest in open sea in all Americas. We still didn't understant this point... isn't Amazon delta on open sea?

Jangada on the Delta

Anyway the trip highlight was the crab in the end... wonderfull food with fun :)
With Soren and Alfonso (and the crabs :) )

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Busy weekend at the Pousada Lajter

Just before hitting the road again

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Sushi and costumes party
The intention was to celebrate Vivi’s 30 year-old in somehow style. So, we decided to make Sushi and Chinese chicken on Saturday.
By the smiling faces seems that we made it well….

The sushi… and this is only a snall part....


Pousada Lajter managers, Jacob and Fany during the sushi….

After the sushi we had a party to go, but we just forgot one small detail: it was a costumes party. After a while trying to use the creativity, we found out some great costumes…

With Andre, our policeman for the night :)

Last but not least…

The goal the finished the second league nightmare, Vasco Campeao

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On the road - Rio grande do sul

Resting for 2 month is not easy to recover from

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Tasting wine at Miolo winery. Life is hard...

Gramado & Canela

Typical building in Gramado center

After many days of rest in Rio we took a "vacation" from it all in the European-like area of Rio grande do sul. Nothing like good food and wine combined with mountain cool air to enjoy typical brazilian atmosphere :)

The view from the road we took each day from our pousada to the town center

Mundo do vapor - museum entrance and homage to the old train crash in Montparnasse station in Paris in the late 19th century

Gramado and Canela, the two main towns of the area, are just too cute to be true... everywhere you look there are chocolate shops, fondue restaurants (don't get us started about the all-you-can-eat "cafe colonial" places), leather & wool products shops and lots of X-mas decoration. Gramado basically looks like a fairytale waiting to revive as soon as enough tourists are around.
If you haven't seen a little Brazilian kid walking into a chocolate shop full of "Papai Noel" dolls (Santa clause) and freshly made chocolate bars, you haven't seen true excitement!

Other than shopping and eating, the area has some amazing views and national parks all around.

The Caracol waterfall

Ant-eater at Caracol park

Above the Caracol waterfall

Itaimbezinhio canyon
A little further from the towns the canyons become deeper and wilder. we didn't take so many pictures for a while...





Winery tour

old wine burls at Gribaldi winery

To complete the european experience we took a guided tour to the winery areas of Beneto Goncalves, and spent a full day by appreciating the developing wine industry of Brazil.

Grape samples from all over the world at vinicula Miolo


Our mini vacation ended in Torres - a small beach town with rocky coastline. We arrived on the "all-saints" holiday, and the town looked small and lively - with a crowded beach and many restaurants packed with people.
We woke up the next morning to a deserted town. we were almost the only people at the beach, and even the sun didn't bother to show up for such a small crowd...



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